Toronto Rug Cleaning at It's Finest!

  • At New Way Carpet Cleaning, our technicians inspect all rugs to identify any stains, damage, or discoloration.
  • Once inspected, our rugs will first enter our industrial-strength dusting machine, which will knock out any dirt and grime as well as fine particles and allergens.
  • After that, rugs may be pre-treated with a proprietary blend of green products that will help take out any dirt or oils that may be stuck deep in your rug's fibers.
New Way Carpet Cleaning
New Way Carpet Cleaning

The Wash:

  • We use a handheld pressure washing method in order to wash, and New Way Carpet Cleaning is proud to be one of the only cleaners in Toronto who wash both the front and the back of each rug with care and attention. We use a proven combination of green soaps as well as soft water in order to return your rugs feeling and looking their best! Here at New Way Carpet Cleaning, we are committed to using eco-friendly, green cleaning solutions only. Our aforementioned water softening system allows your rug fibers to have excess minerals and buildup to wash out, which is a key step in being able to return your rug FEELING better and not just looking better.


  • Our rugs will finally move onto our wringer machine, which squeezes out over 90% of the moisture after rinsing the rugs of any residual soap and oils. This allows us to hang up your rug to dry for 24 hours before it's available for pickup.
New Way Carpet Cleaning
New Way Carpet Cleaning

Let Us Care for Your Rug

Whether you have a timeless handmade rug or a trendy machine-made one, the team at New Way Carpet Cleaning is ready to be your Oriental rug cleaner in Toronto. We have industrial machines that will pressure wash, rinse, and wring the rugs so they look like new.

We handle a variety of materials and styles, including:

  • Antique Persians and Aubussons
  • Broadloom and Walk-Off Mats
  • Chinese and Indian
  • Delicate Wool and Silk Orientals
  • Dhurries and Kilims
  • Wilton and Karastans

If we find stains, holes, or other types of damage during our cleaning, our Oriental rug cleaner in Toronto can also repair your rug with ease.

New Way Carpet Cleaning Rug & Carpet Repairs

Our specialty is stain removal at New Way Carpet Cleaning. Our team of rug doctors will clean your area rug without the worry of damage or stains. Our expert repairs include fringing and serging by hand or machine, reweaving, and these additional professional services:

  • Colour Run Correction
  • We Offer a Complete Line of Underpadding
  • Stretching and Blocking

Bring your carpet in today!

New Way Carpet Cleaning

Bring Your Rug in Today

As a family-owned business, our team knows that your Persian rug requires more care than typical machine-made mats do. We use time-tested techniques to ensure we thoroughly clean your rug without causing further damage.

We've been in the rug cleaning and repair business since 1967, and in that time, we've performed all our repairs and cleaning on our own premises. To learn more about how we provide Persian rug cleaning in Toronto, call (416) 665-8400.